Saturday, 17 April 2010

Camera cuts !

Right! This is what I've come up with, after goofing around wiv that camera and then changing the poses accordingly, exaggerating some of 'em ! Will work more to push it next week on :)

I'll hand this in right away now and wait to see what he says.I Got two more weeks to Polish the shot.
(The purple "thingi" is supposed to be a vase or something, that smashes amongst other things, when the shelves fall. But this is just a make do Vase for now, so Jamy gets an idea of what I am aiming for in the shot. I might put in some real stuff n make them smash down into pieces after week 5)
Now I'm eagerly looking forward to what he says on the camera cuts and the poses in my Official e- Critique from Jamy, on this week's assignment then :)
Wow, do I hear the birds chirping outside ? 6:30 am ! I Din't realize it ! Fun stuff ! Right, guess I better get off here now :)!
U guys have a brill weekend ! I'll be back soon with a well refined piece !

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